A growing gallery of props made for customers and friends.
As of Febuary 2006 I am no longer taking personal custom orders of any kind, as I am pursuing other business ventures. Thank you, everyone, for the years of business. Please come back for updates and new creations that will appear here in the future.

platic and metal microphone... ...from "Clover" commissioned plastic shield from Zelda plastic deedlit elf ears
plastic deedlit elf ears sword repaint, arm gauntlets, and shoulderpad...
see credits plastic claws - paws & feet Felicia from... ...Darkstalkers
FF Advent Children Clouds... shoulder armor and fenrir emblem detail of fenrir wolf detail of fenrir wolf
FFX-2 weapons 1:1 scale Rikku thiefblades 1:1 scale tiny bees yuna's guns
lance and shield - "LaPucelle" 1:1 scale terminator skulls - custom paint, pupils and detail job by Brian lady deathstrike claws witchblade glove
animatronic bird... "Tori" millenium rod... from "Yugioh"
volkwagen new beetle... lady bug centercaps